How Tattoo Removal Works - Boston, Brookline, Canton MA

High Intensity Light for Focused, Targeted Removal

Tattoo removal uses high frequency light to break apart tattoo ink.

The body’s defenses naturally want to draw tattoo ink away, causing the gradual fading of the image over time. Natural causes on their own cannot effectively draw away large concentrations of pigment. With the help of a laser, tattoo ink deposits can be broken down into small enough particles that white blood cells can carry them away to the lymph nodes. Once the ink is removed, it stays gone, giving you beautiful, clearer skin.

The laser is designed to pass through skin harmlessly, targeting the dark pigments in the ink. When the light is absorbed it becomes energy in the form of heat, breaking the ink into smaller, finer particles. The smallest of these particles are removed by the immune system. This essentially boosts the speed of your body’s natural reaction, leaving you without adverse effects.

The Enlighten laser can seamlessly shift between wavelengths to target different tattoo colors, and the depth and size of the laser can be controlled by your technician to tailor your treatment to your needs. The picosecond pulse duration protects your skin from damage, leaving less time for heat to escape beyond the ink and cause damage. It also delivers energy more effectively to the treatment area, reducing the amount of treatments needed to clear tattoos.

After treatment, you will need to follow a series of instructions to keep your skin safe. It is important to avoid sun exposure, as this can cause scarring to occur.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to ask.

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