Tattoo Lightening - Boston, Brookline, Canton, MA

Get the Best Replacement Tattoo Possible


If your tattoo needs to be altered instead of completely eradicated, tattoo lightening may be the solution you are looking for. Your tattoos may have weathered over the years and need fixing up, or you may not want to undergo the time and expense of fully removing the design on your skin. Whatever your reason, tattoo lightening is a simple process, using exactly the same technology and techniques as full removal.

How does it work?
Each tattoo removal treatment causes the ink to fade from existence, but nobody’s tattoo is completely scrubbed after only one visit. By undergoing a limited amount of treatments, the tattoo will fade without being completely removed.

Cover Up Tattoos
Many people who are unhappy with their tattoo choices still want to have a tattoo, just not the one they currently have. The reasons for this can be the same as for those for getting them fully removed, from having a change of heart or interests or a past romantic partner who is no longer with you. A cover up tattoo must be darker than the ink below it. By lightening the tattoo, you make it easier for your tattoo artist to create something new out of the old, without relying heavily on black in the new design.

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