Tattoo Removal - Brookline, MA

Fade Away Your Ink. Fade Away Your Regrets

Each of our tattoo removal technicians is trained in the most advanced technique available. If you have any questions about your procedure, feel free to ask. We want you to feel fully informed. You are in control of your body and your treatment; we are here to help.

We boast the only Cutera Enlighten laser system in the state. This unique technology gives precision control in the size and depth the laser will penetrate, and picosecond pulse durations deliver the laser energy more effectively and with less chance of causing tissue damage, keeping your safety at the forefront. Whatever color your tattoo may be, we will be able to improve its appearance with this remarkable machine.

The Dream Tattoo Removal MD Team looks forward to working with you to clear away your unwanted tattoos. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started.