Tattoo Removal - Boston, MA

Ensuring A Safe, Comfortable Tattoo Reduction Experience


Our tattoo removal practice serves Boston patients by employing the most advanced techniques and innovations in the field. We recognize that the process of getting a tattoo removed doesn’t appear to be pleasant, but at our practice, we consistently surprise patients on how comfortable the procedure actually is. We strive to keep patients fully informed and allow their questions to be addressed.

At Dream Tattoo Removal MD, we operate the only Cutera Enlighten laser system available in the state of Massachusetts. This system provides patients with unique, precise control of how the laser delivers energy. It uses picosecond pulse durations that create a minimal risk of tissue damage. Patients will be safe during the procedure and the appearance of their tattoo can be improved.

Our team is dedicated to making world class-level care available to all of our patients. We are a committed, experienced, meticulous, and artistic group. Your treatment plan will be laid out in specific, explained details. Ensuring your comfort is just as important as delivering results!

How does enlighten technology benefit my treatment goals?
At Dream Tattoo Removal MD, we ensure patients experience the full benefits of tattoo removal with world class enlighten technology. This system works by treating a range of tattoos as well as other pigmentary concerns. With the right combination of wavelengths, pulse durations, and energy levels, enlighten reduces the appearance of undesired tattoos.

Enlighten has a shorter pulse duration and delivers high peak power, creating an effective non-thermal impact that shatters the tattoo pigments without damage to the surrounding tissue. PICO Genesis combines two wavelengths in short pulses, this creates an intense, non-thermal disruption that breaks up pigments and helps to reduce their appearance.

The specialists at our practice will be happy to work with you in getting a tattoo removed. To schedule an appointment, please contact us today.

The Dream Tattoo Removal MD Team looks forward to working with you to clear away your unwanted tattoos. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can get started.